Are you poor? Seek treasure in heaven and be rich. Are you old? Be ready for your end, and prepare to meet your God. Are you young? Begin well, and seek in Christ a never-failing friend, who will never forsake you. Are you in trouble, anxious about this life?

Seek Him who alone can help you and bear your burdens—seek Him who will never disappoint you. When others turn their backs upon you, then will Jesus Christ the Lord take you up.

Are you a sinner, a great sinner, a sinner of the worst description? It shall all be remembered no more if you only come to Christ—His blood shall cleanse all sin away. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made white as snow.

~ J.C. Ryle

Tract: Our Souls
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“There is no way to heaven, whatever your hopes may be, but through Christ.

 There is no way to the gates of pearl but through the bleeding side of Jesus. 

These are the gates of paradise – these bleeding wounds.

If you would find your way to God’s bright throne, find first your way to Jesus’ cross.

 If you would know the way to happiness, tread in that path of misery which Jesus trod.


Attempt another way? 

Are you mad enough to think that you can rend the posts, and bars, and gates of heaven, from their perpetual places, and force your way in by your imagined strength?

 Or do you think to purchase with your riches and your gold a foothold in paradise? Fool! What is your gold where streets are made of it, and where the gates are solid pearl? — where the foundations are of jasper, and the walls whereof are precious gems? 

And do you think to get there by your merits? Ah! by pride fell the angels, and by your pride you have fallen. Heaven is not for such as you!”

– C. H. Spurgeon