Lord, I Desire Nothing Else; I Desire Nothing More

by Jason Moore on August 17, 2010

“After I rode more than two miles, it came into my mind to dedicate myself to God again; which I did with great solemnity and unspeakable satisfaction. Especially gave up myself to him renewedly in the work of the ministry. And this I did by divine grace, I hope, without any exception or reserve; not in the least shrinking back from any difficulties that might attend this great and blessed work. I seemed to be most free, cheerful and full in this dedication of myself. My whole soul cried, ‘Lord, to thee I dedicate myself! Oh, accept of me and let me be thine forever. Lord, I desire nothing else; I desire nothing more. Oh, come, come, Lord, accept a poor worm. Whom have I in heaven thee? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee.’”

The Life and Diary of David Brainerd (Chicago, 1955), page 169.

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